Fir honey is very dark, it is gray-brown in color with a green tinge. It is usually disturbed and does not crystallize. The electrical conductivity must be more than 0.8 mS / cm, on average 1.3 mS / cm.

Sensory property
Color: It is dark gray with a green tinge.
Clarity: Is slightly to quite disturbed.
Crystallization: Usually does not crystallize, after a long time layering occurs.
Description: There is a delicate smell, the smell of milk powder, resin, dried pears, cream liqueur, whiskey, sometimes even smoke or stained wood.
Intensity: Medium to strong.
Persistence: Is medium.
– sweet: medium to strong,
– sour: weak
The aroma is very characteristic.
Durability: Medium to long lasting.
Description: The aroma of milk powder, caramel, burnt sugar, resin, fresh coniferous wood, spruce top syrup, smoke, black tea with milk, herbal candies is perceptible.
Intensity: Is weak to medium.

It has a healing effect on anemia and lung problems.