Acacia honey is quite unique. It is characterized by being very bright, almost colorless, having a very delicate odor and a faint aroma. Only sweetness, which is medium to very intense, can be detected in the taste. Acacia honey has a characteristic very low electrical conductivity, the lowest among all types of honey in Slovenia, between 0.11 and 0.27 mS / cm. The pH value of this type of honey is also the lowest.

Sensory property
Color: It is very light in color, from almost colorless to straw yellow. Using virgin honeycomb, pour out almost colorless honey. Each darker shade is a sign that the bees were collecting nectar not only on the acacia but also on other plants.
Clarity: It is always clear, rarely slightly opalescent.
Crystallization: Remains in a liquid state, does not crystallize.
Description: It is characterized by the smell of virgin honeycomb, fresh wax, acacia flowers, flowers of fruit plants, fresh fruit (apples). We can smell the smell of boiled pears, fresh straw, freshly mowed grass, crushed leaves.
Intensity: The smell is very faint, indistinct. Too strong a smell is a mistake because it indicates the presence of a different nectar.
Durability: Medium to long lasting.
– sweet: medium to strong,
– sour: nothing but weak.
Persistence: Is weak to medium.
Description: The aroma of virgin honeycomb, fresh wax, acacia flowers is perceptible; occasionally after the flowers of fruit plants, floral (violets, roses), fruity after apples, pears, maybe after vanilla, cream candy, fresh butter, fresh straw.
Intensity: It is very weak.

It regulates digestion, reduces the secretion of stomach acid, regulates gastric function, helps stop bleeding, is recommended for calming in stressful situations and for insomnia and colds – it is especially effective in young children. Due to the higher proportion of fructose than glucose, it can be used under medical supervision by lighter diabetics.