spruce honey

The characteristics of spruce honey, which is of manic origin, are a reddish-brown color and an extremely shiny surface. This honey is always clear and viscous, so it usually does not crystallize. The aroma is reminiscent of syrup from spruce tops. The electrical conductivity must be more than 0.8 mS / cm, on average 1.3 mS / cm.

Sensory property
AppearanceColor: It is reddish brown in color, shiny on the surface.
Clarity: It is always clear, the opacity shows that it also contains manna from other plants.
Crystallization: Usually does not crystallize. Typically, it is very tractionable, so it sticks to the tongue and sky.
SmellDescription: There is a delicate smell, the smell of syrup from spruce tops, resin, conifer bark, dried non-sulfur apricots, and a mild smell of milk powder. Sometimes there can be a perceptible smell of stale, damp cloth, mold, humus.
TasteDurability: It is short to medium.
– sweet: medium,
– acidic: weak to medium, possibly to strong.
Durability: It is short to medium.
Description: The aroma of syrup from spruce tops, resin, herbal candies, herbal tea, roasted coffee, dried fruit, figs, coffee candies is perceptible. It is sometimes a bit repulsive as it resembles wet animal hair or saliva.
Intensity: Is medium.

It is recommended for anemia, cough and bronchitis.



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