forest honey

Because forest is a mixture of different types of manna, the patterns can vary greatly in color, smell, taste, and aroma. This type of honey is characterized by the fact that no type of manna predominates in it and that the flavors of sweet and sour are balanced. It is often mixed with flower honey, as bees in the forest also visit the undergrowth. The electrical conductivity must be greater than 0.8 mS / cm, and on average 1.3 mS / cm.

Sensory propertyDescription
AppearanceColor: There is a varied color palette, from light to dark brown with a red or green tinge.
Clarity: It can be cloudy or clear (often glows, similar to spruce).
Crystallization: It can be crystallized.
If it is liquid, it can be very tractionable (like spruce).
Description: A sharp smell of resin, syrup of spruce tops, as well as smoke, milk powder, milk candies, gingerbread, wax, humus and weathered leaves.
Intensity: Is weak to medium.
Durability: Medium to long lasting.
– sweet: medium to strong,
– acidic: weak to medium,
– bitter: it can also be only weak.
Durability: Medium to long lasting.
Description: The aroma of resin, walnuts, hazelnuts, milk powder, herbs, wormwood, caramel, molasses, brown cane sugar, herbal candies, dried fruit, dried pears is perceptible.
Intensity: Is medium.

Healing for airway inflammation and nervous tension. It is recommended for anemic people.


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