chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is made from nectar and manna, which bees collect on real chestnuts. This honey differs significantly from other types in its bitter, bitter smell, rather bitter taste and long-lasting and very pronounced aroma. The electrical conductivity is very high, it can be more than 2 mS / cm.

Sensory propertyDescription
Color: It can be dark brown or amber, with a red tinge.
Clarity: It is always clear.
Crystallization: Usually does not crystallize. Turbidity is a sign of the presence of other types of nectar or manna. The possible crystallization depends on the nectar content of the flower honey or manna.
Description: Characteristic of bitter, astringent, pungent odor, smell of chestnut flowers, wet cardboard or crushed walnut leaves.
It can be repulsive.
Intensity: It is strong.
Persistence: Long-lasting taste, especially bitter taste. It can also have a mild metallic taste.
– sweet: medium,
– acidic: weak,
– bitter: medium to strong, can also be very strong (very persistent bitterness).
The aroma is very characteristic.
Durability: Very long lasting, with a bitter aftertaste.
Description: A sharp, bitter aroma is perceptible, after burnt sugar, sugar syrup, after smoke, after herbs, wormwood.
Intensity: Strong to very strong.

It helps with bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases and vascular diseases, as it affects blood circulation, stimulates appetite,
helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, liver, bile, prostate and anemia, due to the higher proportion of fructose than glucose, it can be used under medical supervision by milder diabetics.


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